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Candyland Baby Shower

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She is expecting her first baby very soon and they chose not to find out the sex. They are decorating the nursery with a neutral Candyland theme. So, naturally, the baby shower was also a Candyland theme. Her sister did an amazing job planning this!



Each table displayed a color coordinated tablecloth and featured a character from the original game. The centerpieces were large mason jars with matching candies glued onto colorful skewers.

Jolly - gumdrops as centerpiece

Mr. Mint - peppermints of course!

Lord Licorice

Queen Frostine

Each setting had these cute blowpops as favors:

She also made giant balloon pops out of balloons, PVC pipes, and cellophane: I believe this idea came from Tip Junkie/


Let them eat cake!

Candyland diaper cake

While scouring the internet for Candyland ideas, I saw a super cute diaper cake in a Candyland theme and decided I would try my first ever diaper cake! I ordered the ribbon on Etsy and bought pacifiers that were on her registry and hung those around the outside. It was very easy to create. I rolled about 70 diapers, rubber banded each one, and rubber banded each layer all together. There is a bottle of baby lotion holding up the center (hidden).

I just thought everything turned out fabulous! Just like the game, everything was so colorful, from the game-inspired pathway on the floor, to the table decor, to the cake…loved it all! And I am even more excited than ever to meet my little niece or nephew!!

The mama to be with my first born

There are so many captions I could put here...he this pose!

Aunt-to-be who planned this shower. She's busy capturing photos. Great job Leslie!

Momma’s new cricut!

I don’t have a lot of fancy shmancy craft supplies but I have been wanting a cricut for awhile now. A friend of mine mentioned the cricut cake and I was instantly in love. I found it on amazon for only $78! I ordered it on New Year’s Eve, knowing that the price would probably jump up overnight. And I was right, I snagged a fantastic deal! This machine cuts fondant, frosting sheets, and gum paste for decorating cakes, cookies, etc! It also (supposedly) cuts paper like the other cricuts and can use their cartridges too…score! So I have a feeling you are going to see lots of new projects coming from this new toy of mine. I’m sure it will take me awhile to get the hang of it, but it is my new love right now. I even skipped Zumba this morning to stay home and play with it! Here is a link in case you haven’t seen it yet…
All I have to say is this thing better work because my kids have already set up a fort inside the empty boxes! Even though we just had Christmas, empty boxes are way more fun!

So I would like to hear if any of you have cricuts and if so which one and how do you like it?

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first ever blog post…ta da!! I did it! I’ve been wanting to start this blog for awhile now. I love to dabble in all sorts of crafts from home decor to fun kid stuff, and since I am a SAHM all of this must be done on a budget. Usually I post my “projects” on Facebook, but I wanted a better way to journal the things that I make and since everything I make has a story behind it, this is the perfect way to share it. I have had lots of ideas flowing in my mind for months and now I can share them with you. I want to dedicate this first post to my wonderful husband for giving me an iPad so that I can easily add, check, research new ideas as often as I want. I also want to thank my Dad for encouraging me to start this blog and for helping me get it started. Love you both! I should also go ahead and thank my 2 sweet little girls because I’m sure they will give me lots of “material” to share with you, since I plan on posting many of our life’s adventures. 🙂