Bathroom facelift

Sometimes you just need a change. I have been wanting a new shower curtain for awhile, but just hadn’t made time to look for one. I strolled through the aisle at Target while shopping for back to school supplies, and found one I loved. Its crazy how I manage to find the best things not when I’m out looking specifically for them, but when I randomly happen to walk down an aisle and notice them out of the corner of my eye. Am I the only one that has weird luck like that?

When you have a small bathroom, the shower curtain is 50% of the room! So a simple update can make a big difference.

As soon as I was ready to put up my new shower curtain, I realized how ugly and worn the old rod and rings were. So I picked up a bronze one. But instead of buying new curtain clips I decided to use an idea I saw on pinterest. The pinterest link is only a picture, so the steps I used are below.

This was my inspiration:

This is my creation:

I had some silver beaded napkin rings that I found at Target a few Christmas seasons ago. They usually sit in the drawer of my china cabinet, but they are too pretty to be hiding in there, so I thought they needed to be brought out of their hiding place.

I had to decide on a ribbon color. I like my fairly neutral bathroom. It is mostly cream/white shades, so I decided I needed something bolder for my ribbon detail. I chose simply sheer black.


First, place your napkin rings onto the rod and hang it up.

Cut your ribbon into 12 pieces. I made each piece 3ft long. So you’ll need 36 ft of ribbon to achieve the same look as mine; more if you like longer pieces.

Singe the ends of your ribbon to prevent fraying. I just use a quick flick of a lighter.

Thread one end of your ribbon through a curtain hole. Then thread that same end through the ring. Then thread the opposite ribbon end through the ring in the opposite direction. Then tie your bow! Try to make sure you’re pulling on each bow the same amount as you work your way across, so that your curtain hangs evenly. This is a picture of my ribbon right before I tied the bow.

Tip* Tie a piece of string to your curtain rod on 2-3 curtain holes just enough to hold your curtain up while you work on the other rings.

I love it! As Laila helped me put the rings on the rod, she said “they’re so SPARKLY!” 😀 Yes, honey, we like sparkle! Sparkle is good!

I also have a vinyl liner on the inside that desperately needed cleaned. I followed the instructions on the 320 Sycamore blog.     And I couldn’t believe how clean it got! Looks brand new! You do NOT need to buy a new one!

I couldn’t stop with just the new shower curtain, so I updated my decor.

Hooks/Accents/Soap Jar

I added some new hooks for towels. In a small bathroom, towel rods stick out and take up room, and they are always falling off the walls on us. Plus the hooks make it easier for the kids to hang up their own towels!

To balance out the black ribbon , I added some black accent pieces. I had some old mason jars that I wrapped in twine! Then added a simple black ribbon.

I created a mason jar soap dispenser. I asked hubs (thanks honey!) to drill a hole in the lid. Then I spray painted the lid and rim black. And filled with soap! I just used the pump from an old soap dispenser.

My cost for the shower curtain, rod, ribbon, towel hooks, and decor was about $50.

Not exactly thrifty, but a very fancy easy new look without having to paint walls!

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Repurposed calendar frame

Repurposed Calendar Frame!!!

If you happened to see my thrifty burlap curtain project, you might remember that I had leftover fabric that I was going to save for another project. With it, I decided to repurpose an old wooden calendar frame that I’ve had for years. I found that those holders really only work with one size calendar, and calendars come in so many sizes nowadays that the ones I want always seem to be the wrong size.

First I sanded, primed, and spray painted the frame part.

Supplies: Frame, primer, paint, chalkboard paint, cork, burlap

For the bottom half, I kinda wanted to try out magnetic chalkboard paint, but did not read many good reviews on it. So I decided to just use regular chalkboard paint. Did you know that you can ask to have it tinted? And that there are 12 different shades to pick from? The hubs was on his way to Home Depot and I had asked him to pick up a can for me. Having no idea I could pick different colors, he sent me a picture via cell phone of the options on top of the box so I could choose a color. I chose garnet red.

I was a little surprised when I first opened the can of garnet red paint…umm it was very PURPLE!! I double checked the label and it was correct. I don’t paint with dark colors very often, so I just kept in mind that paint always dries darker than it first appears, and crossed my fingers that it would turn out ok. I used a total of…several coats…{kinda lost track}. Even though I sanded/primed the wood real good, the paint did not go on as smooth as I hoped. But it still works and I think the texture of the wood just adds a little rustic charm!

For the top half, I wanted to use my burlap and I also wanted something that I could pin reminders and pictures to. So I decided I would cover some cork with the burlap so it would serve its function yet not resemble a typical cork board. I found a 4 pack of cork sheets for $5.94 at Walmart. I only needed 1 sheet but couldn’t find just a single sheet, so technically I only used $1.50 worth.

 So I have 3 extra sheets to find uses for…hmm coasters? Teachers gift? We shall see.

Sometimes a DIY project takes a little extra work depending on what materials you may or may not have on hand. The cork came in 12×12 sheets but my frame’s window measured 11×13. This was an easy fix…we used an exacto knife to trim 1 inch off the side and glued it to the top to make it 11×13. Then I wrapped my burlap around the cork and secured it in back with hot glue.

I jazzed up the mini clothespins with some ribbon!

There you have it…a calendar holder turned message board! If you’re not much of a DIYer, even if you have never repurposed anything before, it’s worth it to give it a try. Not only will you get the satisfaction of a DIY project, but you save $$ that you can invest in other projects around your home. Or in my case, more supplies! 🙂 I found something similar on etsy for nearly $60 after shipping! That’s my satisfaction, right there!



Cost Breakdown:

Already on hand: The main frame and the almond spray paint that I used on it, primer, and burlap I had on hand. You could use any fabric you have on hand instead of burlap! Depending on which room you hang it in, you could use any coordinating fabric that goes with your decor in that room.

Tinted Chalkboard paint…$15

Cork…$6 but 3 sheets leftover for future projects

My cost…$21 but with this project, the supplies I did buy will cover the cost of future projects because I have some leftover chalkboard paint and cork. And this baby is 16″ x 30″!…NICE size for a message board!

If you love this look of a chalkboard, and have a very small area to cover, and don’t feel like dealing with the messiness of paint, you could try chalkboard vinyl. I have not tried it yet, but I probably will soon. You can pick up a roll of it at craft stores for around $8 (or less if you have a coupon!). I love the look of the chalkboard frig on “Good Luck Charlie” but not sure if I want it in my own kitchen, but this is what you’d use for something like that.

So where do you hang your calendar when you don’t use a calendar holder? I tear out each month and hang it on the frig. I like it right where I can glance at it several times a day. Here is our May calendar…full of stuff.

At the beginning of the month, I fill it in with meetings, appointments, trips, school events, church events, birthdays, etc. Not too exciting, and probably not much different than anyone else’s. But it allows my husband and kids to see what we have plans for and keeps me from missing things, or more importantly, overcommitting myself. Do you hear me moms?? That’s hard to do. Even if we have the same thing every Tues at 6pm, I write it down on every Tuesday for that month. You know how easy it is to think all week “ok, practice on Tues at 6pm, practice on Tues at 6pm”, and then all of a sudden you’re reaching into the frig at 5:00 to start dinner, and suddenly realize that 6pm is less than an hour away? Am I the only one who has done this? So every reminder is a good thing, and having it right there on the frig is easy for everyone to see.

Whichever sort of message center you choose,

whether a calendar, chalkboard, memo board, or all 3!,

make sure to make it work for you and your family!

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New Kitchenaid Mixer!

How FUN is this?!

Thanks to my amazing mama, my kitchen has a new accessory…my new Kitchenaid stand mixer! It has only been on my wish list for a short while, but she knows I love to bake. She came over last month to watch our kids while we went away for our anniversary, and surprised me with it. I’m loving the flat beater that scrapes the sides of the bowl so perfectly.

So naturally I had to spruce it up with a cute decal…or in my husband’s words “pimped it out”. There are so many cute decals out there (or you can print your own using vinyl) that it was hard to choose just one. They are all so much fun! I found a cute subway art style baking one on Etsy for 5 bucks! Once I opened it, I could tell that I was going to have trouble applying it as one whole sheet, so I decided I was going to have to use a little patience and apply the words individually.  I took a picture of the sheet prior to cutting so that I could refer to it for each step. And mine came with a handy little craft stick to help transfer the letters.

This is what the vinyl decal looks like when you open it.

All you do is

1. peel off the backing

2. use the stick to rub the edges of the letters onto your material

 3. peel off the transfer paper…EASY!

You can still see the transfer paper on the word "eggs". This peels right off after rubbing the letters onto the material.

Top view

So far, I have made banana bread, coffee cake, and even mixed meatloaf with my new love! And I have so many new recipes I cant wait to try out thanks to my Mops group. A fellow Mops mom compiled recipes from everyone and we made these adorable cookbooks.

This is my sour cream coffeecake all ready to go to MOPS! I used a recipe I found on Brown Paper Packages‘ blog. It looked so good after baking that I skipped the whole glaze step. It was so scrumptious that I only had a couple pieces left to bring home!


Another accessory adorning my kitchen…

BAKE letters!

The idea was inspired by a kitchen update I saw at Lemonade Makin Mama. I do not have a lot of wall space in my kitchen so I just made mine on a smaller scale. I bought the wooden letters at Michaels and spray painted them silver.

With my new kitchen decor, I am looking forward to baking dessert for Easter this weekend!

Thrifty burlap curtains

I have desperately been wanting some new window treatments in our living room for quite awhile.  Naturally, this is the room we spend most of our time in and it looks out over the backyard/pool, so it gets a lot of attention in the warmer months. But window treatments are so expensive and my budget was next to nothing. I was determined to find something better than the old sheer window scarves I had draped over the rod for the past few years. And I do love a good challenge. I was on a mission…operation update living room window on a cheap budget!

For the look I wanted, new curtains were going to cost me around $50-100. That was certainly out of my budget, so I decided that my goal cost would be around $20. I shopped every store in my area…Target, Kmart, Walmart, Penneys, Kohls. I found a lot of panels in clearance sections for ~$10. But just couldn’t find 2 of anything that I loved. I wasnt going to spend my energy on a $20 update if I didn’t love it. So I kept my eyes open at the stores and my mind open online. Somehow I came across the idea for DIY burlap curtains. I did some searching and found a great project at Life to the T.

Burlap comes in many colors so you can lighten up your windows as much or as little as you want. I was going for a light, airy, summery feel so I chose oyster for my shade. I bought 6 yards and had them cut it in half, so I had 2 sets of 3 yards each. I followed Trish’s {Life to the T} no-sew tutorial for “hemming” the edges, using stitch witchery and an iron, and it worked perfectly. I do love the look of her clip rings at the tops but I didn’t have any on hand and in an effort to be resourceful, I decided to hot glue pieces of ribbon to the back of the curtains to hang them onto the rod.

This, my friends, is 6 yards of burlap!

A roll of stitch witchery and an iron is all you need!

Ribbon on back will allow the curtains to hang on the rod

*Note: I read some comments about burlap having a slight smell to it and having to air it outside. I bought mine at Joann’s and did not have any problem with odor.

I loved the look of the new curtains, but it just wasn’t enough. I decided I really wanted a layered look. I struck gold at Kmart where I happened to find these awesome eggplant panels on clearance for only $4.90! So I put them on the outside of the burlaps and voila!!

New window treatments and an updated view for under $30!

And even better, I bought 6 yards of burlap and have enough leftover for my next project!

A Little “Pinspiration”

I don’t entirely agree with that quote but it is kinda funny! Us “pinterest lovers” do spend a lot of time on the computer, but I try to use my time creatively. I spend a lot of time discovering other blogs, looking for new ideas, looking for ways to embrace creativity.

Since I do spend a lot of time there, I thought it was time for some housekeeping/organizing on my Pinterest page. I “cleaned up” my boards, editted some, deleted some, move some to different boards, etc. I need it to be organized because I like to check my recent pins to decide on my next project(s), {because there is never just ONE}, and see what supplies I’ll need before I head out to the craft store.

As I was looking through all my pins, I could hardly believe I have over 600 pins!! How could I have that many?! I need to get busier! Ha!

Of those 600+ pins, some are just quotes that I love, some are seasonal ideas, and a few are part of My Wish List. So I had to know how many I’ve actually implemented. So I scrolled through and started counting…and I have given about 60 of them a try…that’s a whopping 10%! I feel like I’ve done more, but I guess I just spend a lot of time looking through blogs for inspiration and ideas.

My pinterest obsession began in the entryway of our home. Ok, it threw up in our entryway! In fact, the entire area is Pinterest Zone! It started with re-doing our coat closet by removing the ugly wooden sliding doors and closet-length coat rod and filling in with lots of cubbies for everyone. It then spread to the main wall. That wall is now sporting 3 pinterest projects!  My favorite is definitely the one in the middle – the Framed Dates , which I found via Andrea Steed. The one on the left, the monogram key chain holder, I found via It’s A Crafty Life. And the one on the right, the twine-wrapped monogram letter was inspired by browsing Etsy. I must say, the area is much more inviting (as it should be since it is the first thing our guests see) and organized now. So many shoes, coats, jackets, vests, hoodies, scarves, backpacks, etc! It is amazing how much of these things a family of 4 acquires! It is much more functional now and we are not tripping over things to get in/out of the house anymore. Well, as long as the shoes make it INTO the cubbies, and coats and bags ONTO the hooks. Here is my main inspiration piece…in fact I think this might have been my very first pin ever. It is from Better Homes and Gardens. So this is where I got my idea to have cubbies up each side with a bench in the middle and hooks in the center.

Better Homes and Gardens picture that I really like

Redoing the closet was not thrifty – we bought the wood/cubbies/trim at Lowe’s and it really added up! But, it was worth it because of all the time it will save us looking for things that seemed to get lost behind those dark wooden doors that only slid to one direction at a time.


On the main wall I probably spent a total of  $35. And I must thank my handy husband who hangs everything for me. I am not handy with the drill, so I leave that work to him. He spent a long weekend measuring, cutting, drilling, painting, etc and trying to duplicate the BHG picture above into our space. Just look at him hard at work! And notice Little Miss L watching from her step. 🙂   Awwww…

I have also started a few projects in my other rooms, and I will reveal those once they are finished,

but I must pace myself. 🙂

For now, welcome to my Entryway…

New Closet

Main Wall

Easter decor

I can’t believe we have our air conditioning on in the first half of March! This is so rare. We’ve had temps in the 80s for a few days, and its here to stay for atleast several more days. So I do believe Spring is Here! It was time to finish my Easter decorations.

First I updated my front door wreath. I wrapped a styrofoam wreath with multicolored yarn and hot glued a springy green flower on the front – super easy! And under $10!

Then I gave my dining room table some love. Featuring my first ever no-sew project…my table runner! I made this last fall and had put it away during the holidays. I am so happy with my choice of fabric; I even had enough leftover to make this memo board! To make the table runner, all I did was fold in an inch on each underside, place stitch witchery inside the fold, and iron away…on all 4 sides. Voila! When I made it last fall, I added a bowl of green apples to it for some fall decor, but at the time, I had no idea how well it was going to work with my spring decor!  It was so easy that I’m tempted to make one for every season!

Fall decor

The bunny/wagon is an heirloom from my grandmother. And the smaller figurines are from my husband’s grandmother. The centerpiece I crafted this afternoon.

*Important update: after posting this, I found out from my aunt that not only was this my grandmothers bunny/wagon, it was made by my great-grandmother when she took a ceramic class in 1969! Her initials and the date are carved in the bottom! So maybe I got a little of my artsy/craftsy side from her!

Spring Decor


I used an almond colored Krylon spray paint on an old glass vase. Then hot glued Hershey’s robin eggs onto sticks I collected from the front yard. The ribbon I had on hand in my craft stash. Total cost of paint + candy~ $5 (vase and sticks I already had).

Its the same idea I used for Halloween where I glued candy corn onto sticks.

And for Christmas where I glued tiny ornaments.

Once I find something that works well, sometimes I go a little crazy with it!

Happy Spring!

Happy February!

I have always decorated for Halloween and Christmas.

But not so much for Valentines.

Probably because I’m lazy and just leave up my snowmen decorations till April and call it good – hey its still winter right?

But thanks to Pinterest, there are no more excuses! There are so many ideas for how to decorate for EVERYTHING under the sun! So I decided this year to put up just a little Valentine decor in my home. Unfortunately I do not have a mantle so I usually set out my seasonal decor on my china cabinet.

First, my front door wreath (that I made for Christmas) is red and white with snowflake details, so I decided that it could stay for another month since those colors are perfect for February. I wrapped a styrofoam wreath form with red and white yarn, into 4 sections, using hot glue every few inches to keep the yarn in place. Then made crosscrosses with the same colors and added some snowflake jewels that were used on the tables at a friend’s wedding reception.

I also had an old heart-shaped grapevine wreath laying around that I’ve been trying to decide what to do with. I found these sweet little heart shaped felt flowers on pinterest. They are sold on Etsy $6 for 6 pieces, but I decided that with a little felt, I could easily make these myself. I used my Cricut to cut all the hearts (most are 2-3″ size) and then hot glued them into place.

These candles are just empty mason jars that I filled with epsom salt and placed red tealights in:

I found a pretty glass with valentine words written on it. I placed it next to the mason jar candles and filled it with artificial red rose petals. {If you have little girls, they are destined to be flower girls at some point; I think we are up to 5 weddings now. And you are bound to collect mounds of these petals over the years. Why I still have them I have no idea but they came in handy for this. )

PRINTABLE SUBWAY ART!! This is one of my favorite new things. So easy to print out and place in a frame. The hardest part is choosing which one to print! I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I downloaded this one from; I thought I pinned it on Pinterest, but can’t find it now. But there are lots of great blogs out there that have free printables available for all seasons!

I just needed one more thing to pull it all together. I am seeing so many pendants in the craft blog world that I decided to throw one together. I found some old crosstitch material leftover from my crosstitching days (years ago!) and bought some new Valentine fabric. Lucky for me, I found a fabric that spelled out “LOVE”, so I just cut the letters out and stitched them onto the material and hung it all up. I’m not loving how it sorta covers up the frame in the back, but without a mantle, I dealt with what I have.

My V-Day decor total was less than $10.

Felt for heart flowers…$4 (the sparkly felt is $1.00 each, the plain felt is .30 each)

Dollar Tree glass…$1.00

Valentine fabric…$4.48

Printable Subway Art…FREE!

Everything else I already had on hand.

Happy Valentines!!