First sewing project-doll pillows

Introducing Emma’s first sewing projects!

My girls love playing with their dolls, so she made pillows for their dolls. The pink and green one is for Laila’s doll. The black one is for Emma’s American Girl. These pictures show the fronts and backs of the pillows.

This was a great starter project for her because it only involves sewing straight lines and making your way around a few corners.

I think she is wanting to make a blanket for her doll next. I found a tutorial  that I really like on pinterest and I love that it includes how to add details. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials but so far this is one of my favorites.

If we master this, I hope we can move on to sheets, pillowcases, even sleeping bags for overnights at grandmas’!

I also like this tutorial for a sleeping bag, and Emma would probably die for this adorable panda fabric, which I found on Etsy! *fist bumps!* Yay! I heart Etsy!! It is already sitting in my online cart!

According to several tutorials out there, it only takes about 30min to sew one of these things, so for me, being a beginner, and having 4 little extra helping hands working with me, I estimate more like 3 hours…on second thought, better just clear the day! Ha!

We certainly don’t have a shortage of dolls in this house,  not to mention beds and cradles.

The bunk bed in the picture above they got for Christmas last year.

This cradle and high chair set we got when Emma was 1 or 2. I just never got around to painting it.

This cradle was made by my Grandpa when I was little! He did lots of woodworking and this is just one of the things he made that we will always treasure. His stamp is on the bottom.

Now to move on to more sewing projects…until next time!