Hobby Lobby Trip!

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend… (insert happy dance here!)

And this is what I brought home with me:

Natural Osnaburg fabric (similar to linen and an inexpensive price of only $3.99/ yard)

—for one of my pillow projects

Coordinating fabrics (@30%off) in grey and yellow

— also for one of my pillow projects

Really super cute felt. Sparkly white, polka dot, and ice cream pattern!

I didn’t  even know they had felt this cute! (50c each)

Black acrylic paint ( 67c) — a necessity for many projects

Letter “K” in curly font ($1 each) — perfect for wreaths for our front door

Scalloped circle punch (@40% off) and glue dots (used 40%off coupon) — for scrapbooking

School-themed scrapbook paper (@50% off, I scored these for only 29c each!)

— for teacher gifts

I also scored a never-been-used “Stampin’ Up” brand stamping set at a garage sale

($2, probably a $20-30 value):

Now I can get busy with one of the many projects I’ve been talking about!

Time to get my CRAFT on!!!


Projects projects projects!

I was just wondering…

Do you finish one project before starting another?

Or are you like me and have several half-finished projects lying around?

I blame this on 2 things.

The lack of a local craft store and the lack of a craft space.

So I do the best I can with what I have. And if I had a fairy godmother and had to choose between the two, I would choose the craft space. We do have room in our office, but with hubs working from home out of the office, I gather my materials, take them to the dining room, and spread out there. Then dinner time comes and the kids eat at the breakfast nook,  hubs grabs a tv tray and gets comfy on the couch, and I eat standing up while waiting on them. Then after a few days, I really want my table back so I reclaim it, and take everything back to the office (unfinished) , until I get another crafty whim and pull it all out again. Right now, the sewing machine is sitting on part of it!

So since I found myself making an actual LIST of projects I’m working on, or am thinking up, I thought I’d take some pics to help me with my list.

This is a pile of frames that I plan to paint black for the man cave. My husband has a collection of sport pictures and autographs that were all in different wooden frames. I think that by painting them all uniform and displaying them in a more eye-catching gallery display, they will look better.

These are 2 frames that I want to mod podge pictures of the kids onto. I just need to capture a couple good pictures first!

Wreaths! These are grapevine wreaths that I plan to spray paint, then add ribbon and embellishments for different seasons.

The straw wreaths I will probably wrap in burlap then embellish.

These are embroidery hoops that I plan to fill with fabric and decorate.

Which leads me to my growing pile of FABRIC! It’s actually not much, for a crafter. But since I’m not much of a sewer (I am a beginner), I haven’t accumulated much yet.

This is my crate of old Tshirts. From old tees you can cut strips for tshirt necklaces, bracelets, scarves, or fabric flowers.

Or you can make workout tees.


This is my collection of old pillows that I want to stuff and recover:

I found lots of ideas from pinterest; this is a compilation of them.

In fact, I created a “pillow” board so they wouldn’t get lost among all my other pins.

I love all the different looks you can create.

Colors, neutrals, Squares, circles, bows, ruffles, monograms, oh my! So many possibilities…

I have mentioned a couple of these projects in previous posts, and this shows you that I haven’t forgotten about them yet. They are works in progress. And since I try to be as thrifty as possible, sometimes I have old things around that I discover can be repurposed into something new, without necessarily digging through my craft crates. Which is why this just cracks me up:

I see all these gorgeously elaborately organized craft rooms on pinterest, and my eyes just love to stare at those pictures. It makes me so happy just looking, but I choose to be happy with what I have, and will continue to craft and create anyway. And when I catch my kids creating things in their own way, with their little imaginations running wild, that’s just the best!

Although… it never hurts to dream about the Michaels Craft Closet, as seen on TLC’s Craft Wars…

So no matter what your budget or your space is defined by, create anyway! I will! Just need to decide what to work on first. Ha!

First sewing project-doll pillows

Introducing Emma’s first sewing projects!

My girls love playing with their dolls, so she made pillows for their dolls. The pink and green one is for Laila’s doll. The black one is for Emma’s American Girl. These pictures show the fronts and backs of the pillows.

This was a great starter project for her because it only involves sewing straight lines and making your way around a few corners.

I think she is wanting to make a blanket for her doll next. I found a tutorial  that I really like on pinterest and I love that it includes how to add details. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials but so far this is one of my favorites.

If we master this, I hope we can move on to sheets, pillowcases, even sleeping bags for overnights at grandmas’!

I also like this tutorial for a sleeping bag, and Emma would probably die for this adorable panda fabric, which I found on Etsy! *fist bumps!* Yay! I heart Etsy!! It is already sitting in my online cart!

According to several tutorials out there, it only takes about 30min to sew one of these things, so for me, being a beginner, and having 4 little extra helping hands working with me, I estimate more like 3 hours…on second thought, better just clear the day! Ha!

We certainly don’t have a shortage of dolls in this house,  not to mention beds and cradles.

The bunk bed in the picture above they got for Christmas last year.

This cradle and high chair set we got when Emma was 1 or 2. I just never got around to painting it.

This cradle was made by my Grandpa when I was little! He did lots of woodworking and this is just one of the things he made that we will always treasure. His stamp is on the bottom.

Now to move on to more sewing projects…until next time!

Fabric Shopping

Today I took Emma fabric shopping…and Laila too of course…she had a gift card to spend from her birthday and since she got a sewing machine (if you read the latest blog post), we needed some thread and some fabric to get started.

The ones on the left are the ones she got from Aunt Erin, the ones on the right are the ones she picked out at Walmart. These are fat quarter singles so they are perfect for practicing on since they are only 97 cents each!

The one at the bottom is a one yard stash starter and she just really liked the print so she got it!

Laila had us laughing pretty good. She kept saying she wanted a “cinnamon roll”…and after I picked her up and asked her to show me what she wanted, it was technically a “jelly roll” in the fabric department and looked something like this:

Ha Ha! It DOES look like a cinnamon roll and this is only a picture I found online to show you sort of what she saw. I can’t upload pictures from my phone, or I would have taken a picture in the store. The one she had her eye on was a hot pink one. I told her she had to wait until she was 8. 😀

I was able to successfully thread the machine…

yay me!

…didn’t realize it was 4 separate processes!

…none of you warned me!

…but Emma was very patient

…and we started on a pillow for her doll. It is mostly finished but we want to applique her name to it so that is tomorrow’s project. I might have the Cricut and the Brother out at the same time…so glad I have a nice big dining room table!

Sewing 101

Emma has been asking for a sewing machine for a couple years now. I really don’t know what sparked this interest since she has never seen me or anyone she knows using one. I have never touched one; I am a more of a glue gun and heat-n-bond kinda gal. But she just enjoys crafts and knows that sewing is a craft. My mother-in-law told her that she would have to wait until she’s 8 to have one (for good reason; that is the recommended age for the beginner’s sewing machines). So this week she turns 8 and guess what she got her. Yep! Thank you Neena! ❤

So I watched some you-tube videos for beginner sewers like us and we had our first sewing class today!

I started by drawing some designs on plain paper and having her follow the lines using a straight stitch. If you look closely, you can see the needle holes in the paper to see how well she was able to follow the lines.

Straight Lines:

Maze-like Lines:

Whatever-you-want-to-call-this shape:

She even drew a design of her own!

I also had her do her name:

Then we tried a circle:

She really was good for her very first time and is already ready to try the real thing.

We just need to get to a craft store to buy some thread!

This will be a whole new adventure for us trying to thread the machine, so I hope we can figure it out!

More to come later…

Upcycling Ideas

This is a picture of a few things leftover from our recent yard sale that I decided to keep in hopes of upcycling them into something awesome! These came from my mom’s storage bins!

Embroidery hoops are popular now with lots of possibilities for what to fill them with. I am going to remove the old fabric (the old geese scenery has got to go) and refashion them into something else. Here are some ideas that I like…chalkboard hoop, fabric hoops with felt embellishments, name embroidered onto fabric. I kinda like the idea of putting a big letter “E” on one, and “L” on the other, one for each of my girls.

As for the frames, I just love the unique shape of these old picture frames! I remember them hanging in our home when we were growing up.

Not sure exactly what I’ll do with these but I do think Mod Podge will be involved. I do love the idea of modpodging a photo onto the fronts of them something like this:

Since I have 2 frames, I could do one picture of each of my girls on them.

Betcha can’t wait to see what I come up with…neither can I! Ha! I will let you know if they turn out into something really neat. I sure hope so!

*All inspiration pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.*

T-shirt Crafting

 T-shirt Crafting

A couple months ago I posted a picture of my Tshirt scarf (aka infinity scarf). Since then, I found a couple more accessories to make with old T-shirts.

Since I am a pinterest addict (c’mon you know you are too!) I did find these on pinterest so the links are listed below so you can follow the same directions I did. And if I can figure it out, so can you! All you need is an old Tshirt and a pair of scissors!!Oh, and a glue gun, unless you would rather sew…not me!

First up: Tshirt braided headband found at makeit-loveit.

My sister-in-law tried this first and it was a success, so I gave it a try and love it!

Braided Headband

Since you are braiding with 5 strands, the idea is to braid on the left, cross your inner strand over, then braid on the right side, then cross your inner strand back to the left side. In my head it went something like this; braid, braid, crossover, braid, braid, crossover, PULL. Your braid will look more uniform if you pull or tighten it often.  I found it easier to braid standing at the corner of a table so that I could separate the left and right sides. It helped a lot! I used a piece of masking tape to hold the top end to the table while I worked. Even though it didn’t take long to braid, I was able to walk away and come back if needed, without having to start over.

Knotted headband: I also tried another method for a little more dressed up look; this one I found at Sugar bee crafts. I used 4 strands for these and followed the tutorial here to create the pretty knot.

Knotted headband

Wide headband: This one is made from a Tshirt sleeve! Who knew that the size of a man’s Tshirt sleeve could fit perfectly around a woman’s head?! Matilda did! (from Maybe Matilda.) I made different colored rolled felt flowers from fabric and felt. I cut out 4 1/2 inch circles cut out a spiral 1/2 wide to make them. Then hot glued them onto the headbands. For the gray headband I used jean fabric.

Wide headbands

Spiral cut to create a rolled flower accent

I am now in search of bright colored kids tees so I can make some for my daughters to wear!

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