Upcycling Ideas

This is a picture of a few things leftover from our recent yard sale that I decided to keep in hopes of upcycling them into something awesome! These came from my mom’s storage bins!

Embroidery hoops are popular now with lots of possibilities for what to fill them with. I am going to remove the old fabric (the old geese scenery has got to go) and refashion them into something else. Here are some ideas that I like…chalkboard hoop, fabric hoops with felt embellishments, name embroidered onto fabric. I kinda like the idea of putting a big letter “E” on one, and “L” on the other, one for each of my girls.

As for the frames, I just love the unique shape of these old picture frames! I remember them hanging in our home when we were growing up.

Not sure exactly what I’ll do with these but I do think Mod Podge will be involved. I do love the idea of modpodging a photo onto the fronts of them something like this:

Since I have 2 frames, I could do one picture of each of my girls on them.

Betcha can’t wait to see what I come up with…neither can I! Ha! I will let you know if they turn out into something really neat. I sure hope so!

*All inspiration pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.*


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