Free Family Fun

This weekend we took advantage of some free family fun offered by our local equestrian center

that happens to be only 1 short mile from our house.

The kids had a great time!


Horse rides…Free!

Face painting…Free!

Balloon guy…Free!

Magic show…Free!

Yummy carnival food…not free…so we waited to eat til we got home. We were only there for an hour so we managed to hold off even though the tacos smelled amazing.

To top off a perfect weekend, I found a cookie recipe on Pinterest that I wanted to try and to my surprise, I actually had everything I needed already! Here is my version of Joy the Baker’s oatmeal sandwich cookies:

This recipe makes 2 dozen but once you sandwich them, you’ll have 12. So next time I will double up.

Kinda surprising that I still ended up with 2 dozen after I caught little miss sneaky pants eating the batter

before I could even get it onto the cookie sheets.

Oh well, gotta love my little helper!


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