Candyland Baby Shower

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She is expecting her first baby very soon and they chose not to find out the sex. They are decorating the nursery with a neutral Candyland theme. So, naturally, the baby shower was also a Candyland theme. Her sister did an amazing job planning this!



Each table displayed a color coordinated tablecloth and featured a character from the original game. The centerpieces were large mason jars with matching candies glued onto colorful skewers.

Jolly - gumdrops as centerpiece

Mr. Mint - peppermints of course!

Lord Licorice

Queen Frostine

Each setting had these cute blowpops as favors:

She also made giant balloon pops out of balloons, PVC pipes, and cellophane: I believe this idea came from Tip Junkie/


Let them eat cake!

Candyland diaper cake

While scouring the internet for Candyland ideas, I saw a super cute diaper cake in a Candyland theme and decided I would try my first ever diaper cake! I ordered the ribbon on Etsy and bought pacifiers that were on her registry and hung those around the outside. It was very easy to create. I rolled about 70 diapers, rubber banded each one, and rubber banded each layer all together. There is a bottle of baby lotion holding up the center (hidden).

I just thought everything turned out fabulous! Just like the game, everything was so colorful, from the game-inspired pathway on the floor, to the table decor, to the cake…loved it all! And I am even more excited than ever to meet my little niece or nephew!!

The mama to be with my first born

There are so many captions I could put here...he this pose!

Aunt-to-be who planned this shower. She's busy capturing photos. Great job Leslie!


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