Easter & Spring Break

I managed to capture many fun family moments this past week. Easter and Spring Break all rolled into one big long vacation for us. For Easter, we went to my in-laws for a cookout and outdoor egg hunt. Our church also had an egg hunt for the kids.

Egg Hunts:


Laila found a golden egg!

Emma with her basket.

Fun outing:

I had been promising Miss E a trip to Buildabear Workshop for awhile, so we made a trip there at the start of the week so that she could get a new outfit for her bear. I still can’t believe I made it out of there without the youngest even asking for one thing! Whew! Luckily she’s into the Lalaloopsy stage and isn’t even interested in building a bear. But she did ask lots of questions about what everything was for.

Bear has a new outfit and accessories!

Visiting family:

The next day we drove to my Grandparents house to visit with them. They live on my Uncle’s property and the latest news there is the chicken coop. The girls had never been so close to one and they spent half the afternoon chasing the chickens around the yard! They were beaming when they came in with 7 eggs they found in the coop!

Here, chicken chicken!

From there, we drove to my parents’ house…the house I grew up in…

the house that built me.

My girls in front of the house I grew up in.

The tree that used to hold our treehouse when we were kids.

I’m so glad they still live there and that I can go home to visit. It’s like a little trip to my childhood. We took the girls to the school playground that I played on as a child. My mom teaches there and my dad drives a bus. It is a very small town…Kindergarten thru seniors all go to the same building!

Fun fact:

There is an app that tells you exactly when the International Space Station is in view over the U.S. We stood outside Wednesday night looking for it and sure enough, we saw it right at 8:56pm just as it told us! It is a solid bright light that moves quickly…so neat!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap any pictures because it was just too dark. I guess I need to read up on how to use the night setting on my camera.


I couldn’t believe how focused Laila was on these amazing little pieces. They are called Magformers. They are magnets enclosed in different shapes and colors. She spent hours with them!

We also took the girls to the city park. It is so much fun to try out a new playground!

Now we are back to Home Sweet Home but sure had a great week!


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