A Little “Pinspiration”

I don’t entirely agree with that quote but it is kinda funny! Us “pinterest lovers” do spend a lot of time on the computer, but I try to use my time creatively. I spend a lot of time discovering other blogs, looking for new ideas, looking for ways to embrace creativity.

Since I do spend a lot of time there, I thought it was time for some housekeeping/organizing on my Pinterest page. I “cleaned up” my boards, editted some, deleted some, move some to different boards, etc. I need it to be organized because I like to check my recent pins to decide on my next project(s), {because there is never just ONE}, and see what supplies I’ll need before I head out to the craft store.

As I was looking through all my pins, I could hardly believe I have over 600 pins!! How could I have that many?! I need to get busier! Ha!

Of those 600+ pins, some are just quotes that I love, some are seasonal ideas, and a few are part of My Wish List. So I had to know how many I’ve actually implemented. So I scrolled through and started counting…and I have given about 60 of them a try…that’s a whopping 10%! I feel like I’ve done more, but I guess I just spend a lot of time looking through blogs for inspiration and ideas.

My pinterest obsession began in the entryway of our home. Ok, it threw up in our entryway! In fact, the entire area is Pinterest Zone! It started with re-doing our coat closet by removing the ugly wooden sliding doors and closet-length coat rod and filling in with lots of cubbies for everyone. It then spread to the main wall. That wall is now sporting 3 pinterest projects!  My favorite is definitely the one in the middle – the Framed Dates , which I found via Andrea Steed. The one on the left, the monogram key chain holder, I found via It’s A Crafty Life. And the one on the right, the twine-wrapped monogram letter was inspired by browsing Etsy. I must say, the area is much more inviting (as it should be since it is the first thing our guests see) and organized now. So many shoes, coats, jackets, vests, hoodies, scarves, backpacks, etc! It is amazing how much of these things a family of 4 acquires! It is much more functional now and we are not tripping over things to get in/out of the house anymore. Well, as long as the shoes make it INTO the cubbies, and coats and bags ONTO the hooks. Here is my main inspiration piece…in fact I think this might have been my very first pin ever. It is from Better Homes and Gardens. So this is where I got my idea to have cubbies up each side with a bench in the middle and hooks in the center.

Better Homes and Gardens picture that I really like

Redoing the closet was not thrifty – we bought the wood/cubbies/trim at Lowe’s and it really added up! But, it was worth it because of all the time it will save us looking for things that seemed to get lost behind those dark wooden doors that only slid to one direction at a time.


On the main wall I probably spent a total of  $35. And I must thank my handy husband who hangs everything for me. I am not handy with the drill, so I leave that work to him. He spent a long weekend measuring, cutting, drilling, painting, etc and trying to duplicate the BHG picture above into our space. Just look at him hard at work! And notice Little Miss L watching from her step. 🙂   Awwww…

I have also started a few projects in my other rooms, and I will reveal those once they are finished,

but I must pace myself. 🙂

For now, welcome to my Entryway…

New Closet

Main Wall


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